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SuperFun OFC

Superfun OFC is the #1 Open Face Chinese(OFC) game community in the world, across the Android(Google Play), iOS(iPhone | iPad), Windows,Mac and event the web(by Flash Player). It is the ONLY OFC poker game platform including Classic, Turbo and Pineapple three types playing, and its the UNIQUE platform for OFC Pineapple Tournament, and even it provide the VIP PRIVATE poker room for professional players to play with their friends or by social privately.
Poker, Texas Holdem Sep. 05. 14

Legend of Dota

The Legend of Dota A knife tower theme card game. Perfect reduction Shoushou legend of magic style, to reproduce the knife tower all heroes gorgeous skills and effects...
1 cool. The knife tower hero archetype, law adorable female, physical strong woman, meat shield man, full of personality!
2 height reduction broadsword tower skills, each skill original, cool matchless fighting!
Card, Strategy Jul. 08. 14

Axe Woman

Axe Woman is a fun and addictive arcade style game. Very simple to play - just tap to cut wood and dodge the branches! Test your skills and reach top of the Game Center leaderboards!
- cute 2D Graphics
- cool sounds and music
- changing backgrounds
- 10 different characters to unlock
- Game Center integrated
Casual, Action May. 16. 14