Yes,here is the Air Bay Creative Studio!

Air Bay Creative is Technology-Driven Cross Platform Game Development Studio.
What we have done is:
  • Android Mobile Poker Game
  • PC-based Poker Game
  • HTML5 Browser based Poker Game
Besides that, we still try some new apps like:
  • Community-based Poker App-TTWQP(in Chinese: 天天玩棋牌)
  • Images sharing,cloud-storage for Personal and share with strangers,called  vla Images(in Chinese:微辣好图)
  • An app store and game center which crawling last apps and games automatically from over 40+ market in Chinese Android Markets, called vla Market(in Chinese:微辣市场)
What's more, we are innovating 1-2 new ideas for global market.
Let's talk about it, when it's done or never...